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Please Don’t Cut My Thread

Anyone who read my Marathon post is familiar with my use of the expression “please don’t cut my thread”.

Hit after hit, I was hanging onto said thread as if my life depended on it … as if it were some kind of last barrier between me and the zombie apocalypse. Well, there are some things that I have since learned about this thread that I would like to share with you … because I realize that right now a lot of you are out there grasping at your own threads, begging people not to cut them, please.

1.We don’t always choose the guardians of our thread. Sometimes it just happens … and sometimes we don’t even realize they are doing it until, suddenly, we have made it through to the other side, feet firmly on the ground.

This being the case, we should keep our eyes open for opportunities to become those guardians for others. We cannot always pay back the people who were there for us, but we can always pay it forward.

2.Which brings me to my second observation. At some point or another, we are all just hanging by a thread. Maybe it hasn’t happened to you personally, yet. Perhaps it is happening en masse at this very moment. Think about it: that’s an awful lot of thread…

3. If we weave our threads together we can create a net. I was thinking about this the other day and, given the large amount of “free time” recently bestowed upon me, and the fact that, for now, I have stress baked enough food to satisfy the three locusts currently social distancing with me…

…I went online and learned how to combine threads (or twine) to form a net. Thank you, Daryl from Eastwoodlandsurvival

Kind of proud of my net

4. At some point someone or something is going to cut your thread. Wait … don’t get upset. Calm the freak down! I didn’t say they were going to do it on purpose. Shit happens! My thread recently got lanced clear through by someone who I now consider to be one of my favorite people (don’t worry. I know you tried your best not to…).

4. Free fall is not as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, it can be scary as all hell, especially in the beginning. But, there is a certain freedom to relaxing ones hands and stretching out ones arms in flight as things rush by … surrendering control for a bit. Why? Because of observations 1.The guardians are out there, just like the cup bearers along the marathon, and 2. All of our threads together form a net.

We are all in this together … and by this I don’t only mean the current crisis. I mean life. Though, sometimes it takes an event like a pandemic to remind us that this is true. We can keep white-knuckling our own threads, trying to protect them against the world, asking people please not to cut them … or we can stretch them out to one another to form a net that could be the difference between


All the best wishes of health and safety to you and yours during this trying time from The Moon, The Sun, Little Man, and family…

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