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We give them violent video games and then complain because they play them. We give them smartphones and complete access and then complain because they are on them all the time. We schedule the heck out of every minute of their days and complain that they don’t know how to just go out and play and socialize. We glorify reality shows featuring nastiness, sneaky underhandedness, and full on fistfights and then complain when they act nasty, sneaky, and violent. Now, the students are trying to take a stand, to show civic responsibility (after all they are only a year or so away from being able to vote), to influence change…and people complain they are not doing it right…that they don’t understand…that they are silly children trying to get out of class….

These “silly children” are going to be running this country in the future (unless our politicians have discovered a way to live forever…heaven forbid), perhaps we should take into consideration what they are saying. Hell, look at the bang up job we, the supposed adults, have been doing… There is no reason to fear widening the pool of suggestions, when trying to solve a problem.

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