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Daily Internal Dictionary

We all have an internal dictionary…you know…the one that offers us real life examples of the definitions of words as we go about our day. When we read the little italicized example after the definition in our paper dictionary (or electronic/online dictionary…as I suppose most people do not actually pick up the paper version anymore) sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn’t, BUT if something happens to us during the day that perfectly fits the definition of a word, then CLICK, a lightbulb jumps to life. “Now that’s (insert word being defined)!”

Here are some examples of this morning’s internal dictionary entries:

restraint – The extreme amount of force required not to throttle your teenager when she criticizes you for not having a back-up plan while you are trying to figure out how to get her to school after she has just missed the bus.

convenient – The little parking area near the bike path about a mile away from the school, where said teenager can be asked to leave the car and start walking.

satisfaction – The uplifting feeling you get while reading the angry I made it to school text from the teenager explaining that now she is SOOOO tired and her hair is SUUUUCH a mess…how could you be SOOOO cruel. (Perhaps I got my point across).

comic relief – Little Man suggesting that we add National Velociraptor Awareness Day to our calendar so that we do not forget to honor it next year.


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