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Heading to the Flip Side

Heading to the Flip Side

Let me start by wishing all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a lovely breakfast at the restaurant where My Moon works to supplement the costs of making her films … her treat. I told her to make sure she gave herself a big tip, of course.

While I sat waiting for my coffee and egg sandwich, the wheels in the old brain started churning. I thought back to breakfasts in bed (inevitably followed by kitchen clean-up), elephant poop gifts (yes, that was a thing), Mother’s Day snails (again… a thing). And, I was hit by a realization. If I’m honest, it felt rather like being hit by a truck.

It was one of those moments when you step back and look at the big picture. When you suddenly see all the little changes and transformations that were occurring right in front of you, every single day, little by little, mixed in with everything else life is dishing up. But, you see them as a whole, a time leap!



When did Little Man get that tall? I measured him at a hair below SIX FEET this morning. Where the hell did that MUSTACHE come from? How is My Sun officially finished with sophomore year … IN COLLEGE? With an INTERNSHIP? A PAID internship? And, My Moon is winning AWARDS? At FILM FESTIVALS?


What happened to skinned knees and runny noses? Now, I’m helping with loan applications and tax returns?

When I signed my first publishing contract, My Moon took me aside and told me that she was glad I got back to writing, that she was “proud” of me. That one little word shot right through to my heart. She then talked about how she wanted me to finish a book I had started writing when she was in middle school. She wants to make my books into movies.

Looks like I’m heading to the flip side, people! And, though I do miss the toddler cuddles at times, watching them make their own ways in life and collaborating with them as adults (tossing ideas back and forth and planning projects) is phenomenal! I am ready for this next phase!

Happy Mother’s Day! And, for your enjoyment … some links to Mother’s Day memories. Oh, and the elephant poop gift. ;)

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