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If you are reading this, no matter how you happened to stumble upon it, you may be wondering why I am writing it…. I am not selling anything, or showcasing a new diet, or starting a new exercise regimen. I am not posting recipes or self-help advice. There are plenty of much more qualified people out there doing all of those things…along with a multitude of unqualified people. I simply enjoy writing and if I can make someone grin or even chuckle in the meantime, even better. There are, after all, so many reasons to frown, be anxious, or downright cry out there. Not that I don’t have my rants or concerns (do NOT get me started on standardized testing, for example), this just isn’t where you will find them, for the most part.

Why “The Sun, The Moon, and Little Man”? These are my children…not their names, obviously (or maybe not so obviously, given the names one comes across nowadays), but the way I see and experience them. My oldest, The Moon, is dreamy, creative, and intuitive, with all her anxieties, and swinging emotions. My middle child, The Sun, is vibrant, intense, and explosive, whether it be with joy or with anger, in her creativity or her moments of doubt. Then there’s Little Man, who strikes a balance and interprets the world as only he can, keeping me on my toes. Anyhow, it had a nice ring to it.

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