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I fully subscribe to the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword (which is one reason I have never been a big fan of the whole “sticks and stones” thing ).

Words are important, and while the expression actions speak louder than words has its merits, I would argue that words chosen often influence the actions that follow. The words we choose … and the very act of communication … can totally change our narrative.

And THIS is why I have decided that, starting this year, nay moment, I will be changing (updating) my own vocabulary and will now refer to what I used to call problems, in the very recent past, as adventures.

I mean … think about it. In literature, much of what have been pitched to us as adventures began with one or more problems that the characters needed to solve. Take, for example, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The title itself calls out to the reader. Would Tom Sawyer Solving Problems grab your eye? Yet, in the novel, Tom is, in fact, faced with various problems which he looks to resolve in unique and clever ways.

How about The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood? If anyone has problems, it’s poor Sir Robin … when corruption comes to town. Yet, the title spins the dark problems that beset our hero and those around him into obstacles to be overcome with adventurous bravery. I would hazard that The Many Problems of Robin Hood would not have fared so well.

When faced with a problem, we knit our brows, our eyes roll, our shoulders sag a bit. When faced with an adventure, we take a deep breath and steel ourselves, our heartbeat quickens, our eyes widen. See? The title … the word … can make a world of difference.

And so, as I look around me at the scaffolds, sawdust (and every freaking other kind of dust possible), plastic drop clothes that would make Dexter feel right at home, and confusion in general, I steel myself and thus begin The Adventures of The Moon, The Sun, and Little Man (I am not quite ready to call them the merry adventures … but give me time).

Also, I totally look forward to pitching the idea of helping Little Man with his math adventures when he comes home from his first post holiday school day, complaining about homework.

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