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Ode to Sleep

Ode to Sleep

Oh sweet repose, at last I see the hope of rest’s tranquility.

The lights are spent, so too am I. The day’s bright sun has left the sky.

The doors are latched, the shades all drawn. Life’s pressing matters left till dawn.

And now as I begin to drift, my heart’s desires my mind does lift.

That I may pass a peaceful night, wherein no child nor pet will fight.

Wherein no kids nor beasts invade this mattress that for two was made.

The smoke alarms have all been changed. The radar shows no storms in range.

The kids well run, the pets all fed are knackered each in their own bed.

A full night’s sleep my one request: one night of calm untroubled rest.

And then, perhaps, I’d like another, so as to be a better mother.

And once awake, if I do sleep, my sanity I may just keep.

A cup of coffee from the pot and I am set to face the lot.

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