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The Room Beyond Tired

We have all ventured into the room beyond tired. Eyes glazed and swollen, blurred images linger. Unspent tears, our own private jacuzzi. Sopped up with a sleeve, brushed away with a finger.

Yes, whatever the reason, we have all passed through the room beyond tired.

When we arrive in the room beyond tired, we wear it like armor, wrapped tightly about us. It muffles out sounds, dulls feelings and thoughts, through each step we dare to endeavor. And, projects a tight smile for what seems like forever. The room beyond tired protects.

Protects us until we have gathered our strength to move on from the room beyond tired.

When we start to emerge, push our minds to recenter. Blurriness sharpens, raw feelings return. We feel the sting of the reasons we entered, but now they are dampened by love and concern.

A few steps beyond and a turn of the head reveals this room to be more of a hall. And, what felt like seclusion in the room beyond tired turns out to have not been at all.

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